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Posted By: Ed T
29-May-15 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cultural genocide
Subject: RE: BS: Cultural genocide
Thanks for linking-It did not work for me.

Just because one country has a poor record than others of treating a segment of its population well, it does not logically follow that one should ignore the poor treatment of population segments in other countries.

In the case of Canada, a relatively wealthy "western nation" with an otherwise good human rights record, one would expect a high standard of reatment of all its citizens- better than many other less-resourced nations.

As recently as last year, a United Nations representative, tasked with reporting on the plight of Indiginous people worldwide, identified that a large number of Canadas First Nations peoples live in third-world type conditions.

Last year, Canada was the only UN member signing on to a UN indiginous rights document.