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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-May-15 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cultural genocide
Subject: RE: BS: Cultural genocide
"Oh and your link has absolutely nothing to do with Israel's LGBT policies,"
No it hasn't, but as you keep accusing critics of Israel of Antisemitism, I thought it might interest you.
Israel's fight for equal rights for gays has been a long and difficult one - Zionist opposition featuring largely, Gay-bashing, even a stabbing on a Gay Pride march.
Your smugness in comparing what happens in impoverished Arab countries, to the situation in a wealthy, powerful and supposed civilised State like Israel is irrelevant, and in no way excuses terrorism by the Israeli regime.
Jim Carroll

"Azar's prominence in popular culture within a society where homophobic attitudes remain deeply embedded in certain sectors is but one example of the triumphs and tensions that come with being gay in Israel today. Many of the basic rights for LGBT people have already been won, but formal legal equality, especially on the issue of marriage, remains elusive. Tel Aviv is today one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, but in Jerusalem—just one hour down the road—it is almost impossible to be gay and live openly.
Being gay in Israel, then, is to be witness to a series of contradictions, paradoxes which show that Israel is in many ways a multicultural society within which LGBT people—not only celebrities—have been able to find a place for themselves."

"LGBT Rights
Although in recent years there has been a growing recognition of gay and lesbian rights in the public and legal arenas in Israel, the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) community still faces various forms of discrimination by government authorities and in the private sector. LGBT men and women, and particularly transgendered persons, also experience discrimination in employment and health services, and are often the target of verbal and physical violence.
ACRI has achieved many significant victories in the struggle for LGBT rights, in particular concerning the rights of same-sex couples, including with regards to marriage registration for marriages conducted outside of Israel, spousal and medical benefits for same-sex partners, protecting inheritance rights, recognition of same-sex partners by the Israeli Military, recognition of adoption by same-sex couples, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, and ensuring equal access to medical treatment, housing and mortgage assistance, pensions, and life insurance."