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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Jun-15 - 04:27 AM
Thread Name: I hate the cajon.
Subject: RE: I hate the cajon.
I hate them. They spoil the sensitive playing of my Bodhran. Which is red, so would be out of place in all but the devil's tunes.

The problem is generally lack of thought. Enthusiasm replaces skill. It is a criticism often leveled at banjos. Try stuffing it with kneeling pads if you are in church. Or give him some wooly gloves! How to be diplomatic though - I have no suggestions. Unless - you (no apologies) drum up support!

A Cajon in not a drum - it is a seat. Which makes it all the more galling, because it ruins the joke about "the difference between a drummer and a drum seat. The drum seat only has to support one bum". Oh well, I will have to use the back-up version that refers to a gynecologist.

Last Sunday (Stroud Americana Festival) I saw a singer use an old brake drum - well it is a drum! But he broke his stick on it. How apt! it was a break drum after all! (true story - honest).