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Posted By: GUEST,Derrick
10-Jun-15 - 05:30 AM
Thread Name: I hate the cajon.
Subject: RE: I hate the cajon.
There is nothing wrong with any type of percussion,the problem is the player.Many talentless would be players pick percussion because it is cheap,and easy to improvise, an empty box or even a tabletop will do at a push.
A true musician listens to what is being played and decides whether the music needs anything adding and whether he is able to provide it.
The secret is realising he can add nothing of value to what is already being done.
A enthusiastic but talentless drummer joined in uninvited with the music we were playing for our clog morris dancers,no sense of rhythm or timing whatsoever.The lead dancer solved the problem by halting the dance walking up to the guy and in a voice which could be heard by all present suggested he go forth and multiply.
A cruel but effective solution to the problem.