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Posted By: Deckman
13-Jun-15 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Mighty Day (the Galveston one)
Subject: RE: Mighty Day (the Galveston one)
YES DON ... thanks for the memories. I was asked, not too long ago, to give an example of how, when, or where a folksong ever changed anything? And that question was followed with another: Are folksongs still relevent today? (this happened to be a live radio interview).

I quickly gave two examples. One was "Wasn't That A Mighty Day", as sung by Bob Gibson. The other was Ewin McCall's (sp?) "Go Down You Murders, Go Down."

I've always found it most interesting that "folksongs", being a very personal and intimate kind of expression, are often most closely associated with those singers who popularized them ... as in Bob Gibson's verision of "Mighty Day." For years, none of us would ever think of singing Walt Robertson's version of "Wandering." That was HIS SONG!

And yet these wonderful tales, as told through these wonderful songs, continue to live on and on and on.

I'm amazed that the politicans have not yet become aware of this material and figured out a way to either tax it or deny it! bob(deckman)nelson