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Posted By: Bill D
17-Jun-15 - 05:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Subject: RE: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
"...the unsubstantiated and changeable evolution myth..."

awww... c'mon Pete. It is overwhelmingly substantiated. Changeable simply means willing to integrate new data about the details! Myth? You play very freely with the term when the fuzzy details of Genesis are considered fact, while DNA & paleontology are called myth.
Your system cannot document even which humans recopied religious texts, much less anything about how they were 'inspired'. It seems that many were 'inspired' in different ways... but most view the basics as UNchangeable. Sorry, but I'll stick with the views of folks who have not already decided what the answers are before looking at the evidence.