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Posted By: Steve Shaw
17-Jun-15 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Subject: RE: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Once again, with bells and whistles if only I had any: there is no such thing as "the general theory of evolution". There is such a thing as wilful pig-ignorance, of course.

I get very animated about out-and-out anti-abortionists. To my mind, they are among the most intolerant and wicked people on earth. That is not to say I don't acknowledge sincerely-held, measured views that I personally and quite vehemently disagree with. I can see the arguments for time-limits, etc., though I think they are misguided. I can't argue with need for vulnerable young people to be surrounded by good advice and support (of the practical, non-moralising and non-tendentious sort). But rampant anti-abortionists, with few exceptions that I know of, support their moralising prejudices with the promotion of ignorance or religious fervour or both. It's just horrible, and I won't even mention the name of that wicked Catholic woman who taught her flock that poverty, ignorance and sexual abstinence were virtues and that birth control and abortion were the greatest evils on the planet. She's probably going to be sainted soon. Just remember that when you next hear that the Catholic church is "making progress".