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Posted By: Musket
19-Jun-15 - 03:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Subject: RE: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
I saw it as Akenaton calling my post gibberish. Which figures of course. The idea of a fantasy story becoming holy text over two thousand years is over his head.

Although I didn't post it for his benefit. I was aiming at those on Mudcat blessed with education and intelligence, not to mention a healthy outlook on life.

I put Sagan's Cosmos up there with Clark's Civilisation. Both dated, both lending their generation's thoughts and understanding to vexed questions and both orators of the highest standard.

Although of course, Clark's son was a character... I do note though that the good members of Mudcat agree his "Donkeys" ruffled appropriate feathers and has been seen to be bang on the money. 😎