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20-Jun-15 - 02:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Subject: RE: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
I think you are looking too deeply into what Musket was saying.

If I read him correctly, he was pointing out that stories doing the rounds 2,000 years ago eventually got condensed into something to worship. I agree with the idea that there is nothing to prevent other fantasy stories of good v evil to suffer a similar fate, if superstition remains advantageous to man in a manner that fits survival.

What is the difference between a myth of wizards with magical powers and the myth of Jesus with similar tricks up his sleeve? Both he and Gandalf rose from the dead, both used conjuring tricks to make the party flow, both got pissed off with their peers and both wanted others to follow them.

Jedi Knight and Pastafarians both pass the test for recognised religions in The EU. How many generations before we forget they are taking the piss out of group delusion? How long before theologians explore divine reasons for their fundamental flaws?

Here, not only in C21, but actually on Mudcat, we have people who genuinely believe mythical nonsense and strive to shoehorn it into science, for crying out loud. Education? The loonies are trying to set the bloody syllabus!