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Posted By: GUEST,Riah Sahiltaahk
20-Jun-15 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Subject: RE: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
It is encouraging to see that there are still schools that don,t push the evolutionist religion wholesale. Though of course it is upsetting for a fanatical true believer like yourself.

Evolution is not a religious doctrine - it is a demonstrable scientific model based on an empirical understanding of natural law. Unlike creationism, no one has made this stuff up - it is there, in observable nature, and fits in with other cosmological models in which life comes into being as a random process amongst other random processes, rather than the whim of some despotic deity such as that portrayed in the scriptures of Abrahamic tradition.

The only thing I am a fanatical believer in is the opportunity that every human being should be empowered to see themselves as part of the objective reality of the cosmos. Every child is born innocent with a biologically programmed curiosity to know and understand the reality in which they've found themselves by the accident of birth. Free access to objective scientific truth and the means of understanding that truth through education and inspiration is their inalienable right and privilege. To teach any child that the Bible is anything more than a collection of fables, myths, metaphors and folklore is the violation of an innocence which must be, at all costs, considered sacrosanct.

Creationism is such a violation; it enforces a grave injustice on basic human rights by propagating ignorance as learning and lies as truth. It takes a self-contradictory allegorical creation myth (but one several thousand self-contradictory allegorical creation myths humanity has made up over the millennia) and insists, in the face of all available objective evidence to the contrary, that it actually happened. The propagation of creationism is nothing more than noxious misanthropy. Believers in it are small minded noxious misanthropists informed by an evil fundamentalism that reacts fervently, and negatively, in the light of objective reality.

Even Carl Sagan was circumspect about absolute Atheism (in 1985 he even took a year out from his scientific work to write a novel about it , Contact, later a film...) but one thing he was very clear about was the idiocies and dangers of religion and religious absolutism. Unquestioning faith is the essence of religion. No one has unquestioning faith in evolution, because evolution is born from asking questions. Evolutionary theory keeps on asking questions, as all science does, and must, and as new discoveries are revealed, so old postulations must die.

In this way, there is no scientific BELIEF, only scientific KNOWING and - unlike religion - that knowing is ALL INCLUSIVE. It is REAL for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US - even for those who, for reasons best to themselves, have elected to delude themselves they are somehow exempt from natural law and are not the product of some 4.6 billion years of natural selection on Planet Earth, much less 100,000 years of cultural development giving rise to unfathomable cultural diversity. Creationist reject that unfathomable diversity and boil it down to but one simple and odious and inhumane lie.

Reality is a wonderful thing - it deals in freedom, wonder, truth, diversity and near infinite potential. Religious fundamentalism is its diametric opposite - it deals in none of these things, but nurtures the dark retardation of ignorance.

To be fanatical in its opposition, is, I think, an essential part of celebrating the reality of natural cosmic law in which religion can have no part.