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Posted By: GUEST,Pete from seven stars link
21-Jun-15 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Subject: RE: BS: Unfit for SCOTUS
Gillymoor, nothing I ain't seen before of your supposed five proofs of evolution. In short these are arrived at by a refusal to consider common design for homologous structures, and the bait and switch of equating natural selection to the totally unproven microbes to mudcatters.   If you want to engage in discussion, other than opting for the easy option of posting link, so be it, otherwise I have nothing more to add re the link. At least there was not so much to plough through.    Riah, on the other hand waxes long and eloquent without saying very much except excusing himself from engaging in the debate, supposedly because I am closed minded. Thanks ake, for noticing the evasion. Riah places the onus of evidence on the creationist to prove that God exists. However we admit the faith factor wheas you claim that your position does not require faith. Therefore, the greater onus is on you. As I indicated above there are good reasons why I say your position is a belief, a faith position. You and bill, can go argue it with the evolutionists who admit it, as well as the creationist who points it out.    But though we don't claim proof, we do claim that the creation position accords better with observable, testable, repeatable science.