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25-Jun-15 - 10:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Huck Finn does provide a great escape. I've read it several times.

BWL, any tomatoes cooked on the vine I can meet and top here, I imagine. But I won't, I don't want to go dig through the tall grass to see what is up. That's for this weekend. It won't be pretty, the hornworms have had free reign in the garden so far, but it ends on the 27th. After that, everything gets weeded, gets enough water, gets organic fertilizer, and gets treated the way my garden expects to be treated.

gnu, you sound like a candidate for the declutter threads. That is sometimes a daily diary of accomplishments, and people who read that thread (many who lurk and rarely say anything) appreciate the updates. There have been times when people went back into old posts to find dates and lists and such that they know they posted. For now, put your cash in the bank. And think about sharing your eBay and Kijiji successes with the x-hoarders.

I rescued 11 baby opossums this morning. With the blessings of my co-workers, even. Within an hour we had spirited them off to a wildlife foster person who will release them when they're big enough, probably come September. What a day. MOM would have loved to have seen those little guys, except for the fact that I had to pick them off and out of their dead mother in the street. But even that, in an organic way, was interesting. I've never been able to look into a marsupial's pouch before.