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Posted By: Thompson
28-Jun-15 - 02:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: advice about kindles
Subject: RE: BS: advice about kindles
Leenia, if I or someone else hasn't said this before, you can get an address from Amazon for sending 'documents' - which includes books you haven't bought from them - to your Kindle. You attach the .mobi file (.mobi being the format the Kindle uses) and send the email to your address with no subject or content, and it will be automatically zoomed to your Kindle, where you'll find it in the Docs folder of your Library.

A couple of suggestions: do you know This is a non-profit library of millions of out-of-copyright books.

I don't find its search very good since they changed the format in the last month, so I find it easier to find books with a search term like this in Google:

"john buchan" greenmantle

(the quotes are to make Google search for the phrase "John Buchan", the lower-case is so that it'll search for both upper- and lower-case variants, the is to direct it first to that site; if you want to limit the search to the site you change that bit to

and it'll do that. includes a lot of Gutenberg books; it's better (often) than Gutenberg because its books tend to be formatted better.

Now, a few recommendations - my own tastes in softie detective novels, I hope you like them! Do you know Alexander McCall's No 1 Detective Agency series? Sweet books about a lady running a detective agency in Botswana. Colin Cotterill's series of books about Dr Siri, set in Laois, are lovely. You probably know Donna Leon's series set in Venice.

And not detective but kind of political satire disguised as soft-edged fantasy, Terry Pratchett's books are very funny (to me, anyway); I'm currently reading Guard! Guard! which is an anti-royalist satire.