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Posted By: Jim Dixon
12-Jul-15 - 11:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Rares Hill / Reres Hill / Rare's Hill
From Tocher: Tales, Songs, Tradition, Issues 36-38 (School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University, 1982), page 394:


Last year at Lady Mary's Fair when I wis in Dundee,
I fell in wi an auld sweethaert, an he bein on the spree,
His company I did accept, and with him I did go,
All to my sad misfortune, for it proved my overthrow.

We wander 'd east, we wander 'd west, we wander'd roond the Law:
He said he'd see me hame that nicht, but hame I never saw!
He kept beside me a' the time, resolved tae hae his will,
Aye, an by an by we lost our way at the back o Reara's Hill.

Oh when we got tae Reara's Hill that laddie said tae me,
"My dear, we can't go home tonight; it's far owre late, ye see.
But the night is warm, and in my pooch I've got another gill,
So let us lie doon here content at the back o Reara's Hill!"

So syne we had a nip the piece to quieten oor alarm,
But when we woke in the mornin we're lock'd in each other's arms.
He handed me the bottle, another glass tae fill,
And I drank his health an store o wealth at the back o Reara's Hill.

So syne that laddie says tae me, "Dear lassie, dinnae mourn,
For as lang's I draw the breath o life frae you I'll never turn,
An if you'll come to yonder toon my wedded wife to be,
We'll be the happiest couple yet there is in a' Dundee."

Oh may I never prosper an may I never thrive
O anything I tak in hand as lang as I'm alive,
If e'er I say I rue the day that laddie had his will —
Success to Lady Mary's Fair and the back o Reara's Hill!