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10-Jan-01 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: gas prices
Subject: RE: BS: gas prices
Grab,I would like to see your documentetion on the desertification of the saraha being due to framing. The sahara was a great savannah before a climactic shift caused it to dry up but that was before the advent of agriculture.
The desertification of the Sahel or southern saharan regions is man-made and is getting worse but it is due to overgrazing and the cutting of trees for fuel by the indigenous population.
DougR, I disagree that we should exploit the Alaskan reservs at this time. If we do, OPEC or its sucessor will simply cut production and wait. When we have depleted the reserves they will be in the drivers seat and we will be well and truly screwed.
Kevin, since we don't have any agreement among scientists as to the cause of global warming or even to its existance, you are "what iffing" at best. Any flooding that does occurr will take place very slowly and there will be adequate time to assist the inhabitants of the lowland areas.
People who live in these areas do so because the land is very fertile and they are well used to floods. They build dans and dikes to help prevent the waters from doing too much damage.The very fact of their being there has changed the geograaphy and disrupted natural flood control features such as trees, unplowed ground and unchanneled watercourses.
Whatever. We cannot go back and change things, we can only try to minimize effects once we know what they are.
I'm glad someone mentioned the concept of energy debt. It needs to be taken into account in any proposed solution.