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Posted By: gnu
18-Jul-15 - 05:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Who you callin a Nutbahr, Rap?

As for rebar... depends on a LOT of factors. I knows me crete. I once entered the Head Hall Engineering Library and saw a classmate. I was carrying my recon text and papers. He asked if I had any info on the weekly assignment due tomorrow. I replied that I was just about to start. He laughed and told me his study group had 30 hours on it and it could not be solved. I asked him to share his (their) work. He laughed and said, "Not likely. You do your own work." and he walked away. "Twenty minutes later, as I was headed out, he saw me and asked, "Just giving up eh?" I said, "No. I solved it. It was easy." He asked my how I did it. I said, "Fuck off asshole."

Now, to be fair, this guy is now a BIG WIG in government with the Public Works Canada Department of Corrections or whatever the fuck they nicknamed it yesterday. Go figure eh? Toady little unqualified no-mind suck with political connections.

BTW... It was easy because it could not be done "as is". It was a simple test. As an engineer, ya gotta take design constraints and think outside of the parking garage. The parking garage could only be built if it was heated... it was obvious that it could not be done unless "Assume heated parking garage." 10/10. That's why I was paid to do a Master's degree. AND, that's why I never got a "good" job... too smart.

BTW... I don't really... yes... I do... R*** doesn't deserve his fuckin cushy government job. He was a twit then and I expect he is still a twit. A VERY well paid twit. On my taxpayer dollars.

Bitter? Yes. Why do you ask?

These stroarberries are deeeelicious!