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Posted By: Megan L
21-Jul-15 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: what makes you think
Subject: BS: what makes you think
10 or 12 years ago I was doing some research in our local archives about the red cross during WW1. I came across a poem in the local news paper that grabbed my interest and wrote it down. Unfortunately a year later I left the organisation and forgot to take a copy of the poem with me. It was lost and remained just a vague memory till yesterday when I had some time to kill and wandered into the new archive for a look, an hour later after a most enjoyable perusal of the microfilm copies of the newspaper I came away with my prize.


If all that we say
In a single day,
With never a word left out,
Were printed each night
In clear black and white,
'T'would prove queer reading, no doubt.

And then just suppose
Ere one's eyes one could close,
You must read the day's record through,
Then wouldn't one sigh,
And wouldn't one try
A great deal less talking to do?

And I more than half think
That many a kink
Would be smoothed in life's tangled thread,
If one half that we say
In a single day
Were left forever unsaid.

                                                                                Grace W. Castle

It made me stop and think my question is What has made you stop and think recently.