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25-Jul-15 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Mr. Johnny coul
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Mr. Johnny coul
Wow! I love this site!

My mother sang this song to me a few times, it was one she had learned as a kid. She was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, and lived most of her adult life in Lakewood which was sort of considered a glorified suburb of South Tacoma. At least it was when I was a kid. ^_~

She always sang it as Kopeck, but I wonder now if that wasn't the result of her mis- hearing or misunderstanding the name Quebec/Quebeck as a child. Especially since, I believe, two other fellow Washingtonians mentioned learning it as Johnny Quebec.

She never told me where or how she came to learn it, whether t was a song they sang in school, or when she was in the Sea Scouts. Anyway, hear is what I can remember of it.

Oh Mister, Mister Johnny Kopeck
How could you be so mean
Now all the neighbor's cats and dogs will never more be seen,
They'll all be ground to sausages in Johnny Kopeck's machine.

One day a little Dutchboy came walking in the store
He bought a pound of sausages and laid them on the floor.
Then he began to whistle, he whistled up a tune
And all the little sausages went dancing round the room.

One day the thing got busted
The darned thing wouldn't go
And Johnny Kopeck,, he climbed inside to see what made it so
His wife was having nightmares, came walking in her sleep
She gave that crank a heck of a yank, and Johnny Kopeck was meat.

Tune she sang it to was a fairly spritely, upbeat sounding one, for such a morbid song. lol.
It also sounded vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn't place it then or now.
Nor am I familiar with the song that was mentioned several times in the Dunderbeck thread as having the same tune.