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06-Aug-15 - 09:48 PM
Thread Name: Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War
Subject: RE: Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War
Oh The Lincoln Boys Fought at Jarama (THE YOUNG MAN FROM ALCALA )

Below is a link to a YouTube video The Good Fight (VII of XII)   
The video opens with a song beginning "OH THE LINCOLN BOYS FOUGHT AT JARAMA", which I am using as its title because I don't know the song's given title. Does anyone recognise the song and if so can you tell us about it? I have written the lyrics here below from what I can make out in the video but I have encased some words in brackets because I am unsure about what is being sung. I am unsure how to write down the words for the chorus.In verse 2 I think I can hear the "and" in line 2 but think it would probably not have been sung originally??? Also in verse 2 the final word "bombs"in line 3 does not fit the rhyming pattern ( perhaps "tanks" would be a better fit but I am not sure the Republic had tanks engaged at Brunette?) Any corrections would be gratefully rceived as would any information about its origins and the name of the performer on the video.

1.Oh the Lincoln boys fought at Jarama,
They made the Fascisti cry "Mamma",
They were holding the line,
For months at a time,
And for football they played (?with a bomber?)

CHORUS Yippy, yi, yaddy, yi, yay,
               Yippy, yi, yaddy, yi, yay.

2.It was there on the plains of Brunette,
Midst a hail of steel (and)confetti,
With our planes and our ( ? bombs?),
We would smash Franco's ranks,
Got sick on Italian spaghetti.


3.Oh the Lincoln Battalion, "By Cracky!"
A bunch of great bastards, but wacky,
They held down the line for months at a time,
'gainst Franco, Il Duce's lackey,