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Posted By: Joe Offer
11-Jan-01 - 07:53 PM
Thread Name: Origins: O Come All Ye Faithful
Subject: ADD: O Come All Ye Faithful
Here are the Latin and English lyrics from the Shorter New Oxford Book of Carols:


1. Adeste, fideles,
Laeti, triumphantes,
Venite, venite in Bethlehem.
Natum videte
Regem Angelorum.
Venite adoremus,
Venite adoremus,
Venite adoremus,

2. Deum de Deo,
Lumen de Lumine,
Gestant puellae viscera,
Deum verum,
Genitum non factum.

3. En grege relicto,
Humiles ad cunas
Vocati pastores appropriant;
Et nos ovanti
Gradu festinemus;

4. Stella duce, Magi
Christum adorantes
Aurum, thus et myrrham dant munera.
Jesu infanti
Corda praebeamus;

5. Pro nobis erenum
Et foeno cubantem,
Piis foveamus amplexibus.
Sic nos amantem
Quis non redamaret?

6. Cantet nunc "Io!"
Chorus angelorum;
Cantet nunc aula caelestium:
In excelsis Deo!"

7. Ergo qui natus
Die hodierna
Jesu tibi sit gloria
Patris aeterni
Verbum caro factum


1. O come, all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant,
O Come ye, O come ye, to Bethlehem.
Come and behold Him,
Born the King of angels.
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

2. God of God,
Light of Light,
Lo, he abhors not the Virgin's womb;
Very God
Begotten, not created.

3. See how the shepherds,
Summoned to His cradle,
Leaving their flocks, draw nigh to gaze;
We too will thither
Bend our hearts' oblations.

4. Lo, star-led chieftains,
Magi, Christ adoring,
Offer him incense, gold, and myrrh;
We to the Christ-child
Bring our hearts' oblations.

5. Child, for us sinners,
Poor and in the manger,
Fain we embrace thee with love and awe;
Who would not love Thee,
Loving us so dearly?

6. Sing, choirs of angels,
Sing in exultation;
Sing, all ye citizens of heaven above!
Glory to God,
In the highest;

7. Yea, Lord, we greet Thee,
Born this happy morning;
Jesus, to Thee be glory given;
Word of the Father,
Now in flesh appearing.

English Sources:
verses 1, 2, 6, 7 translated by F. Oakeley (1802-1880), adapted
verses 3, 4, 5 translated by W.T. Brooke (1848-1917), adapted.

Latin Sources:
verses 1, 2, 6, 7 - anonymous (eighteenth century)
verses 3, 5 - Abbé E.J.F. (de) Borderies (1764-1832)
verse 4 - anonymous (nineteenth century)

-Joe Offer-