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Posted By: Joe Offer
12-Jan-01 - 12:59 AM
Thread Name: Origins: O Come All Ye Faithful
Subject: RE: Help: O Come All Ye Faithful
Gee, Mary, are you sure you want to know?
"Chorus" is singular, and "cantet" is third person singular subjunctive, not imperative - it expresses a desire that the choir of angels sing, since we mere mortals cannot command them to sing. If you wanted to use the imperative, it would have to be "canta," since you're dealing with a singular chorus here.
Now, aren't you sorry you asked? By the way, I guess I have to say that it's an inferior Latin version I copy-pasted at 02:56 PM. I proof-read both the Latin and English from the New Oxford Book of Carols quite carefully, so that's the better version to use.
My mother the Latin teacher would be so proud of me, still using my Latin after all these years...
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