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Posted By: GUEST,Alan Ross
20-Aug-15 - 04:32 PM
Thread Name: The biggest copyright scam!
Subject: RE: The biggest copyright scam!
Hi Joe. You and others may be misunderstanding. It's not the fact that adverts are being placed in Youtube recordings. But the fact that millions of songs are being devalued by agencies who have no right to any part of the copyright in those works. They are being paid by bulk for adverts being placed in videos, etc. This money is being paid to parties who have no rights to those works, large corporations who are skimming off the money that should be going to writers and performers.

Can you imagine being told by Youtube, that you don't hold the copyright to your own songs and recordings - when these corporations don't have contracts with you - are not legitimately licensing these works - nor are they paying anybody money, yet they are getting paid for them themselves? They have a legitimate side, but when it comes to back-catalogue exploitation some are as crooked as can be. But who can take them to court, unless you're a pop star?

The so-called legitimate download market is full of these crooks as well. They act as middle men, but aren't interested in how works are licensed, if at all. The whole stinking cesspit of Internet music is a foul mess.   I knew where I was when it was just CD's!