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Posted By: Joe Offer
21-Aug-15 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: The biggest copyright scam!
Subject: RE: The biggest copyright scam!
Alan, as I said before, if you have rights and aren't being compensated, have your lawyer contact YouTube...or whoever is collecting income from YouTube. To my mind, the whole music business is a screwed-up mess that serves to deny income to those who actually produce the music while enriching scads of middle men. And in this age of digital music, the situation is worse....or maybe not.

Back in the 1950s, "records" were played on the "radio," which was supported by commercials (a phenomenon that is still with us). There was also a phenomenon called "payola," in which record companies paid broadcasters to play records so consumers would then buy those records. In the 1960s, college students like me recorded our friends' record albums onto reel-to-reel tapes, since we couldn't actually afford to buy the albums. Illegal, but I never heard of anybody getting prosecuted for it.

And then came 8-tracks and cassettes, and I can't imagine why anyone paid actual money for them. But they did play pretty well in car stereos, so that was an advance. And then sold quite well.

In the 1980s, we got CDs, which produced music of fairly high quality in a format that was far more durable than records or tapes. But in the 1990s, it became possible to make near-perfect copies of CDs, and that posed a problem. And then came the MP3, which made it easy to reproduce huge quantities of music.

So now we have streaming, and the music industry has again found a foolproof way to make money from recordings - "commercials."

As has always been the case, the best income from recordings goes to the distributors of music, not to the performers or songwriters. A few performers make a decent living from recordings - if their sales number in the hundreds of thousands. Many musicians can make a reasonably good living if they work steadily at it.

It seems to me that the most reliable source of income for a musician, is live performance - but even then, few musicians are likely to get wealthy. There's been an illusion that a performer can make a hit record and be fabulously wealthy for life....but it doesn't happen in real life.

My point in all this, Alan, is that you are very agitated about your loss of income from musical assets that probably aren't worth very much anyhow. You might be better off enjoying the fact that the music is available for people to listen to, and isn't hidden in a treasure chest somewhere, vainly awaiting the day when it will have substantial value.