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Posted By: Joe Offer
22-Aug-15 - 01:55 AM
Thread Name: The biggest copyright scam!
Subject: RE: The biggest copyright scam!
Alan, you may be interested in reading the FAQ at the Harry Fox Agency, which licenses songs and recordings in the U.S. The licensing fee for streamed songs in quantities less than 10,000 is one cent per stream. I'm sure the performer gets no more than a tenth of that penny, if that - and it's probably not paid until the income reaches a certain amount. It's my understanding that if a recording or song is listed with Harry Fox Agency (HFA), the agency can license it according to its normal procedures.

Is there anybody here who has received payment for your work from the Harry Fox Agency? Can you tell us your experience? What's the equivalent in the UK?

I've licensed songs from Harry Fox Agency for friends who wanted to make recordings. It's a little over 8 cents per song per copy - not enough to bother seeking a cheaper rate. If you have your recording produced by a professional firm like Oasis, they require you to have a license for every song not in the public domain. In addition to producing CDs, they offer to handle distribution of digital copies. I think most performers don't expect to make much money out of digital copies, but it's some income and YouTube and such are good advertising - and it reduces their risk of having closets full of unsold CDs.