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Posted By: Susan from California
12-Jan-01 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: Know of a good Classroom management book
Subject: RE: Know of a good Classroom management book

Yes there are 1000's of books, but sadly few that focus on older students, and fewer still that are any good. Here are a few things that have helped me -- for what they are worth... Have procedures that make the class run smoothly, See Wong's "The First Days of School". This will help you to keep your sanity. He goes farther than I am comfortable with (seems a bit rigid) but the advice is sound.

SOmehow let the kids know that you truely care. You can't fake it w/ high school kids.

Be consistent.

Be a good model. If you don't want to hear bad language, don't use it EVER.

Spaw's advice is right on. Overplan so that you aren't caught flat footed, give them short deadlines, etc.

I have to go to the oral surgeon now, :-( so more later if needed