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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
12-Jan-01 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Rares Hill / Reres Hill / Rare's Hill
Subject: RE: LYRC ADD and ?? - Back of Rare's Hill
Susan-Marie's first attempt at transcription was very good, with only a few mishearings, if I am to judge by Mary Black's recording, the only one I have available.  The second set of words is full of obvious mistakes, which somebody has attempted to explain by inventing some quite surprising false derivations.  Apparantly that text (on the "Cantaria" site) is as recorded and transcribed by one Liza Kay, who presumably learnt it from a record, quite possibly Mary Black's, and didn't understand it very well.

Referring to 's first posting:

Verse 3, line 3:  pouch and gill
Verse 4, line 1:  a nip apiece
Verse 4, line 4:  and store of wealth

There are some other, minor differences, such as substitutions of but for and, he for it (v.1 line 4), and so on, which are unimportant and would typically vary from one singer to another.  In verse 5 line 2, Mary Black sings from you I'll never turn instead of it's you I'll never harm.  I'd be inclined to read laddie instead of lad he throughout, but it doesn't affect the sense one way or the other.

So far as verse 2 line 1 is concerned, Law Hill is the highest part of Dundee -Law, then, rather than lawn.

I thought that I had some more information about this song somewhere, but can't seem to find any; perhaps I read it in a newsgroup.  It certainly seems that everybody who sings this one got it from the same original source.  Mary Black got it from Cilla Fisher, but I don't know her source.