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Posted By: Richard Bridge
07-Sep-15 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: a trailer for our rowboat?
Subject: RE: BS: a trailer for our rowboat?
Boat trailers are very light compared to what the British call caravans and USAians call "trailers". Even with a small boat on you hardly know they are there in terms of weight. They are usually longer than what we in the UK call "camping trailers" and lord knows what you USAians call them but they are MUCH smaller than a typical U-haul. Therefore reversing is less "hair-trigger" on the turn.

I collected a sailing dinghy from Nottingham (180 miles from me) for a friend and later took it to South Yorkshire (about 300 miles) and it was no hassle at all behind - first time a little Skoda Felicia 1600 estate and - second time Volvo 740 GLT (the facelift twin cam not the shovel-front turbo).

So I say "easy-peasy", do it! Unless you drive something stupid like a "Smart Car".