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Posted By: Taconicus
11-Sep-15 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Wildwood Flower / I'll Twine 'Mid the ...
Subject: RE: Origins: Wildwood Flower / I'll Twine 'Mid the ...
True, the scientific name doesn't match "Aronatus," but then I don't think "Humilis Alba Coerulea Oculata" would have fit very well into the song lyrics.

If this is actually the flower referred to in the original lyrics (as I now think at least 50% likely), "aronatus" would likely have been a local appellation. If so, it seems to have a Latin derivation, meaning roughly "born of the plow" or "born of a plowed field." That could have fit a flower that appeared in fields shortly after they were plowed in the spring. It could also fit a flower that appeared at about the time of spring plowing and planting. And that would make sense in this case, since botanically this is a wildflower tulip, which blooms only in the springtime.

Even though there is no written record of this particular flower being called the aronatus, since I now know there actually is a real flower that matches the original lyrics I feel better about using the word "aronatus" in the song.