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Posted By: Haruo
13-Jan-01 - 12:11 AM
Thread Name: The Cyber Hymnal--Can not find it
Subject: This Is Why You Should All Learn Esperanto
For about a month now my online hymnal has had a prominent notice (in Esperanto, of course) explaining where The Cyber Hymnal went and how to follow it. It was originally at Then, suddenly and without warning, it moved to And then, about two weeks later, it moved again! to its present and hopefully final resting place, I'm not sure if simplenet went TU or what. It was very annoying, especially the second time, because I had just gone and changed my main links and started to change the hundreds of lesser links to it. Hundreds, I mean it. Irritating.

Spaw, thanks for the Landover link. That really is an outrageously funny site at times (it changes constantly). Understand (could be urban myth) it was started by a couple of guys who got kicked out of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University for trying to bring diversity of opinion and serious humor to the school's radio station.