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Posted By: Gypsy
13-Jan-01 - 12:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: gas prices
Subject: RE: BS: gas prices
Troll, to a certain extent, i agree with you. We DO need to have bigger, better organized ways of going green. But even that won't work without the individual changing the lifestyle. Things like: Avoid overpackaging. Buy bulk. The less packaging that you generate to throw away, the less in a landfill. Recycle. We have 5 five gallon buckets on the porch. We separate as we go, and recycle once a quarter. Must you have perfect produce? When you consider the impact that pesticides create on the environment? For that matter, must you have out of season produce? And of course, must you eat meat? Consider what that does to the environment! How often MUST you drive to town? Could you cut down by 2-3 trips? These, and many more, we have practiced for over twenty years. If more people behaved this way, wouldn't the accumulative effect make a difference?