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Posted By: Rapparee
22-Sep-15 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Humana Advantage. I got it through the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, but we have to make another choice (or stick with the same) next month. OPERS is gonna pay for me but not completely for Pat; the money is going into an HRA and then out for the premiums on whatever we chose for tax reasons. It's been a good insurance -- Pat's "incident" last year was billed at around $110,000 and our out of pocket was about 1% of that.

I get some stuff through the VA -- meds, mostly -- but since the closest two hospitals are each about 250+ miles away I'd be crazy to use them for checkups, etc.* We do have a Community-Based Outpatient Clinic here which can do some mental health, checkups, basic pharmacy, and so on and I do use that when it's needed. There is also VA Choice, which means that if you live more than 40 road miles from a health care facility you can get permission to use a local provider. However, that means that since our local clinic can't do an audiology check such as I needed this year I was going to have to go to Salt Lake City; fortunately I convinced them to let me use a local provider. I have a friend who is 60% disabled and pregnant, due around Hallowe'en and the VA graciously has allowed her to do everything locally and the VA will pay, including things like a breast pump (but not a college education or such, because I asked when she said the VA "was paying for everything").

*Perhaps for something like a heart transplant, yes, and yes, the VA would do that for me. They can also provide "inpatient" psychiatric care.