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Posted By: Mr Red
24-Sep-15 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: Need input on youth in folk music
Subject: RE: Need input on youth in folk music
Firstly find your yoof. I guess that would be grandchildren of the 60plussers. In the UK there is a healthy number of children of folkies, they go the festivals as a family holiday and some of the musicianship is scary. But these are kids that enjoy what mum & dad do. And the families play together. And by and large they are good kids, who can mingle with old fogies and have intelligent conversations. And you often hear grandparents did the same with parents. There is a momentum going there.

Yes child and kid oriented events, ceilidhs are useful, kids can learn so much faster. Teens encourage teens.

I enjoy joshing with some of the kids, tell them kiddy or teen jokes. It ensures there is little or no barrier between the generations. Well, I want the ceilidhs to be going as long as my legs will and that needs yoof coming on to the conveyor belt to compensate for those who no longer dance. Dances are mixers. Concerts don't have that element.

At Towersey there was Billy Watman who looked very young, probably 14/15, and was an absolute whizz on guitar/sequencers, yoof would see him and relate more to him. First find your prodigy.