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Posted By: Haruo
13-Jan-01 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: The Cyber Hymnal--Can not find it
Subject: RE: The Cyber Hymnal--Can not find it
Since I seem to be the only Esperantist around here, I probably wouldn't get anywhere with a Lyr Req for "Dancing Zamenhof" - I learned snatches of it in 1972 but would like to know more. The only parts I recall are

I don't care if my wheels are comin' off
Long as I got my Plastic Zamenhof
Sittin' on the dashboard of my ca-a-ar!
He comes in colors green and pleasant,
Shines in the dark, he's incandescent...

Further deponent singeth not. It's the only humorous (read "mocking" if you're the touchy sort) song about Esperantism in English that I know.

And we know what the Bible says will happen to people who make fun of Esperantists! ;-)