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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
02-Oct-15 - 07:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: RE, Vital to preserve gender.
Subject: RE: BS: RE, Vital to preserve gender.
Forgot to add my 2 funny(ish) stories of transgender people I have met. The first was Harold who became Heather. I was warned that she was a 'bit odd' by my boss at the time. When we met I could not see much odd and put it down to prejudice by the boss. When Heather started to smoke a pipe I realised what the boss meant :-)

The second was Paul who became Paula. We had an all night job to do migrating some software from one hardware platform to another. After a couple of hours of me sat at a console with Paula looking over my shoulder I offered her my chair. Not out of any false courtesy but simply because she had been stood up a couple of hours. No thanks, she said. I am still sore after the op... I didn't know where to look and after a couple of minutes she burst out laughing with 'You should see the look on your face' :-D Very funny lady who went on to become a popular children's entertainer.