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Posted By: mauvepink
05-Oct-15 - 05:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: RE, Vital to preserve gender.
Subject: RE: BS: RE, Vital to preserve gender.
I am not sure if it will forward the discussion or understanding both of situations and the language, but there is a programme on UK televison tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 10pm on Channel 4 called "Transgender Kid"

I am not a great lover of the word "transgender" to be honest, nor "kid". Transgender is a bin word that includes widely disparate types of people and situations. It does not great justice in my experience as all get 'binned together' and yet are extremely different.

I like children to be called children because that is what they are and I think they deserve the privelige of their label for as long as they can keep it.

The programme, words aside, has potential. I have seen other channel 4 programmes to do with transsexuality, racism, disability, etc., that have presented quite balanced views. I hope this is not different. Sensationalism is never fair on the the subject being sensationalised. Rational presentation of facts is a good way forward.

The whole language around gender is evolving rapidly, because as research shows and explains many changes, the subject evolves. Gender is far from simple and is not quite the social construct many would believe it is. It goes much deeper, as does sexuality, and in some cases is even 'fluid' for some.

I hope the programme helps answer some things for any with an honest curiosity on the subject. I just saw it and thought to post. I will be recording it as I am out singing tomorrow night.

Thank you good people too for your good wishes I have received. You know who you are :)