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Posted By: mauvepink
08-Oct-15 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Need input on youth in folk music
Subject: RE: Need input on youth in folk music
FOLKUS do a great deal to help and encourage younk people in the NW area of England and beyond that I know of. They hold plenty of workshops in the year and at various festivals. I have met a couple of their very enthusiastic tutors and mentors over the years so maybe take a look at their website for ideas.

I find a lot of young people at open mic sessions who, whislt initially only interested in rock and pop, on hearing folk and country they sometimes ask about various songs and singers. Before you know it some of them are returning with folk and country songs to sing on acoustic guitars. There is a massive acoustic revival underway so these youngsters appear to be embracing that at the moment.

My granddaughter often accompanies me to gigs and various clubs where she enjoys the diversity of song in most of the places I frequent. She loves some modern pop but is just as happy with folk or country on her mp3 player or ipod. I cannot say I am a true traditionalist with folk, so the clubs I go to tend to be those where 'anything goes' and it is there I see a great many younger players coming up where they are made to feel welcome and not si guilty of daring to play a guitar or sing country songs!

I do think some clubs can be stuffy at times. The people are generally always nice right up until you do not do trad stuff. I remember almost getting lynched for daring to sing a country song at a trad fest once. That was as much my ignorance as my enthusiasm that caused me to think anything is folk music!

In short, I let the youngsters do what they like,. I may not like it but if gets their fingers on instruments and whets their appetites for more then it's a start. If folk or country grabs them they will return with the right welcoming crowd and encouraging commets :)