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Posted By: Johnny J
12-Oct-15 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: should UK leave the EU?
Subject: RE: BS: should UK leave the EU?
It has many faults but, on balance, I would want to stay. Just as Scotland stayed in The UK.

We've done very so far not be swallowed up in the bigger whole and, despite what Farage and Co might argue, we have have been able to retain a great deal of our own autonomy and are still distinctively different. So too, incidentally is Scotland , Wales, NI, and England from each other!

"Definitely leave the EU. And leave the Eurovision song contest while we're at it."

My biggest issue with The EU was its rapid expansion but, at least, it's still not as cumbersome as the Eurovision song contest which even managed to have Australia in it this year!

Mind you, it was Britain under Thatcher and Major who did much to encourage the former Easter European states and others to join up. So, if it doesn't suit The Tories and their supporters now, they only have themselves to blame.