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Posted By: Backwoodsman
12-Oct-15 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: should UK leave the EU?
Subject: RE: BS: should UK leave the EU?
"yeah - for us skint musicians it's great to be able to buy bargain music gear and guitars from internet shops in Germany
without being clobbered for the extortionate additional vat and import duties.
that makes buying from the USA no longer affordable..."

Errrrrmmmmm, you pay VAT at whatever rate applies in the supplier's Member-State, PFR. All you avoid is import duty, which is around 4% on musical instruments and accessories, and the difference between the UK's VAT Rate and the Rate charged by the supplier.

I buy quite a lot of musical stuff from the US and I've yet to find an EC supplier who can beat the cost from the US. If you have, I'd appreciate a heads-up, I'm always up for saving a bob or two! 👍😎

The main drawback to buying from the US, AFAIC, is the long delay in delivery - one to three weeks usually.

And no, we most definitely should not leave the EC. We should get 100% on board, start to become a major player, and have some real influence to break up the 'Germany and France Mutual Benefit Society'.