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Posted By: GUEST,punkfolkrocker
12-Oct-15 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: should UK leave the EU?
Subject: RE: BS: should UK leave the EU?
yes you are right to correct me on my sloppy hasty typing,
I accept that.
But in principle, I still believe it's cheaper these days to buy low to mid budget semi pro gear from Europe.

I also used to buy a lot of [ too much] gear from USA about a decade ago..
Probably a more favourable exchange rate back then..??

But in recent years the deal breaker has been not just the VAT imposed on goods at this end;
but vat payable on the entire total including postage.
[plus Brit post parcel service helping themselves to a compulsory handling charge..]

..and delivery courier costs have sky rocketed since stricter USA security restrictions were enforced..???

BTW - I'm talking about 2 to 4 hundred $ guitars.

Obviously if anyone buys $4K luxury guitars from the states, the delivery costs will seem proportionately insignificant.
Which will still be a bargain compared to UK retail.

Also, what seems a petty & spiteful act of UK govt was to lower the amout allowable before VAT is charged
from something like previous £17ish to now £13ish
which no longer makes buying even smaller accessory purchases worthwhile..

Though happily, one recent exception..

Back in Feb I managed to get a brand new guitar from the states for total less than £400
while they were still 7 - 9 hundred here... 😎