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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
12-Oct-15 - 08:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: should UK leave the EU?
Subject: RE: BS: should UK leave the EU?
they wouldn't grant Lincolnshire the right to have exclusive use of the term Lincolnshire Sausage. that's mean.

Bloody champagne that nobody drinks. that's got to be made in the place champagne comes from.

I think the guys who run it are a bit sus.

and why don't they support US military action - ever - even when they are fighting absolute arseholes on our behalf. its not like the yanks didn't do us all the biggest favour in ww2. we will be for ever in their debt morally.

I can't get enthusiastic about the common market. On balance I wish we were out of it.

I like some things. we would never have got rid of corporal punishment in schools without them. they are more humane than we are.

But they are missing when its backs to the wall time. unsympathetic. like when we were going through shit over Northern Ireland. they couldn't get their heads round it. it was all yahboo sucks time.

did anyone in Europe help like Clinton did. he was a better ally. like wise this bloody mess over in Calais. This is the country that knocked the Paris riots on the head in three days. You can't tell me thay couldn't keep better order of the situation if they wanted to. but its easier to fuck us around.

then theres the business of the fishing. The spanish have fucked up the waters round their own coast, which once were as fecund as ours used to be before they got going with their environmentally idiot methods. okay not many of us fish any more. but is it intelligent to to let them continue in this idiotic way.

by all means drive on the same side of the road as everyone else. I'm all in favour of tokenism that costs us nowt. but I see a lot of downright hostility in the actions of our european partners.   doesn't anyone else?