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Posted By: GUEST,punkfolkrocker
13-Oct-15 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: Need input on youth in folk music
Subject: RE: Need input on youth in folk music
When I was in my late teens / early 20s I went to folk gigs at Arts Centre and Uni/Poly student venues;
and got dragged by my girlfriend to trendy wine bars
[candle in wax encrusted wine bottle on each table, sawdust on floor, stink of patchouli in the air...]
where we'd be serenaded by young folky hippy guitarist solo singers and duos..

I only ever went once to a proper folk club [somewhere on a bus ride from Leeds] because girlfriend wanted to,
and I guess we didn't think much of it because we never went again.

Though we did win a very naff cosy middle of the road act folk cassette in the raffle...

This was back in the punk rock late 70s.

Something about the format or atmosphere just didn't appeal to us.
Maybe it reminded me too much of Sunday School happy clappy singalongs...???
[which bizarrely I was forced to attend a few times despite my parent's principles of raising me as an agnostic]

Or that sappy beatnik uncle with a guitar who inflicted Burl Ives songs on us at children's parties when I was an infant.

It didn't work for me nearly 40 years ago, and probably put me off for the rest of my life.

These days, maybe the whole concept of organized 'clubs' as hobby activities and voluntary leisure pursuits
is waning and nearing extinction...??? 😕