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Posted By: Jim Dixon
26-Oct-15 - 08:38 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mr. Bear (Johnson/Blaney)
Subject: Lyr Add: MISTER BEAR (Johnson/Blaney)
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Words by Roy Frank Johnson, music by Norah Blaney, ©1913.

1. Daddy clicks the light off when he's coming to bed,
And he kisses me before he goes.
He says an angel keeps his darling while she sleeps,
But do you think the angel knows?
That every night when Daddy's gone and banged his study door,
There's a grumpy little noise upon the stair,
And I shiver in my byes as I shut my peepy eyes,
In a fright, 'cos it might, be a bear!

CHORUS: Are you there Mister Bear?
Don't you dare to take a bite off* me,
Or I shall scream and very quick,
My pa will fetch his stick,
And he's not afraid of bears, not he.
So if you want a little baby girl,
If you're hungry and you can't wait any more,
I can tell you where there's plenty more.
Have a try at number twenty.
Go and bite the little girl next door.
Go and bite the little girl next door.

2. Daddy says he couldn't do without his little girl,
So he'll never give me up to you,
But the family next door—
That's the Joneses—they've got four
Little girlies and a rabbit too,
And Freddie—that's their brother—
Only laughs at me and says
I'm a silly, but it really isn't fair,
'Cos Freddy Jones has got a little night light near his cot,
Else he might get a fright from a bear!

[* as I found it—but I suspect a transcriber's error.]