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29-Oct-15 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Inti-Illimani: one has become two
Subject: RE: Inti-Illimani: one has become two
If I have got this wrong, somebody please correct me and set the matter straight.

I believe that the exile of the Inti-Illimani band ended just before the year 1990, so that was the triumphal return. In other words, the exile ended quite some time ago.

According to an interview with Horacio Salinas (for those who are punctilious about such nomenclature, his full name is given as Horacio Salinas Alvarez, that I understand to mean 'Horacio, whose father is a Salinas and whose mother's maiden name is Alvarez'), discussions within the group were still courteous, although intense, around the years 1998 - 1999. Mr. Salinas quotes Jorge Coulon, from whom Salinas' own group split away, as proposing, in Chilean vernacular:

"Si nos vamos a agarrar aqui de las mechas, cerremos el boliche."

Again, please correct me, but I understand this to mean:
"If we are going to....blow a fuse? pull the trigger? ....then we ought to close the premises down."      

Salinas states that at the time, his own suggestion was for the group to take a sabbatical, because for thirty years straight Inti-Illimani could not afford to do any such thing, and never had done; the group had just worked and worked, kept on going, and never had a rest or a break from each other. Salinas says he had the idea that the members could now afford to have some time away from each other, to cool things down, and then maybe they could come back together refreshed and ready to work together amicably without any crisis.   

The year-date on which more than one online source agrees, is 2004. Specifically, in that year there positively existed two different bands, both with the intention of using the same name, and ready to go to court in order to contest and dispute.

If I read correctly, the arbitration, which is said to have concluded in 2007, specified that the band led by Salinas, composer of much of the music in the back catalog, ought to call itself "Inti Illimani Historico." If this is correct, then Salinas, Seves, Duran, and their younger bandmates (one of whom, Camilo Salinas, appears to be the adult son of Horacio Salinas), are in compliance with the arbitrator's ruling. On the other hand, it appears that the band led by the brothers Coulon is the band which found the arbitrator's ruling unacceptable, which ruling specified that the brothers Coulon could call themselves and their band "Inti Illimani Nuevo." Jorge Coulon is one of the 1967 founders (his brother entered the group in a later year) so he has an emotional investment, not to speak of interests of other sorts, in Inti Illimani as an entity with a history of several decades.

It all reads somewhat like a family feud. Those things rarely have fairy-tale "happy endings," have they?