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Posted By: GUEST,Ken Campbell......Yes! The man himself!
01-Nov-15 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: Regional British TV folk programmes
Subject: RE: Regional British TV folk programmes
I've just been going through your old threads for the FOLK MUSIC series on BBC North in the 1970S called Ballad of the North West in which i was involved.   It was produced by Douglas Boyd who is currently still about and a successful writer of historical novels and living in France.
I wrote several scripts for this for programs, including all three series. I think the first program was THE WRECKERS that featuring THE PENINE FOLK, then TROUBlE & STRIFE for the OLDHAM TINKERS; THE GREAT LEAD RUSH for the Stockport based BULLOCK SMITHY
A copy of that one might be still around but I understand the rest were
wiped by the BBC back in the 1970s; I also wrote THE WAY OF THE WITCH, again for BULLCK SMITHY; the ALAbama INCIDENT for THE PENINES (?) AND
THE PRIVATEER for a group in Buxton whose name can't must be my age!! Then of course there was THE PRVATEER, ALSO ONE OF MINE.