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Thread Name: Inti-Illimani: one has become two
Subject: RE: Inti-Illimani: one has become two
From the website, which appears to be based in Madrid, Spain, comes the Spanish-language source for my quotes which follow, translated (all my fault if there are errors) in English.

The date is 2008, and the interview subject is Horacio Duran, the charango player of long standing for Inti-Illimani.

Journalist: You decided in 2004 to leave the brothers Coulon, and their "Inti-Illimani," and to join [Horacio] Salinas and [Jose] Seves in another "Inti".....

Duran: If I see it from the aspect of touring, which is a totally demanding job, since today we are here in Madrid, yesterday we arrived in Amsterdam, the day before that we were in Sweden, so it is very hard intense work doing these tours. Thus, in order that this "machine" called group should function, you have to have a great musical rapport and understanding, which is what happens for me. In reality, I recognize, and the "muchachos" know it, that I began to have rather great misgivings in the 1990's, and by the end of that decade I already wanted us to end because....I don't know....there were problems, discrepancies, because of which we no longer had the satisfaction as musicians which we had once. In those days, it was still Salinas, Seves, me, and the two Coulon brothers; and the other group members were, more than anything, musicians permanently invited to join the rest of us, but amongst the members of long-standing, things did not function any more.

Journalist: For this reason Horacio Salinas and Jose Seves left the main group then?

Duran: Jose [Seves] left a little because of this, but more because he was no longer satisfied with the system of working, and even more because he had no musical satisfaction. The group was in a kind of crisis, a crisis rather generalized throughout us all, and we did not succeed in managing it, and if you add to all this the fact the musical dissatisfactions, this produces a grave problem as a result.
What happens to me [now] is that, in spite of how difficult is this work, every time we go on stage, I go on happy to give of my very best, because it delights me to play with Horacio [Salinas] and Jose [Seves] and with these youngsters who accompany us in the group, which was not the case with me in the years 2000 - 2004 when I was a member of what is known today as "Inti Illimani Nuevo" [without Salinas and Seves, with Jorge and Marcelo Coulon].

Journalist: It is said by many that all this was provoked in February 2004, by the success in [a performance at] Vina Del Mar.

Duran: Look, there is nothing more misleading than success: it is a soap bubble, a fireworks display, it shows up for a moment and then it fades away and "chao!" The only thing that remains for you, is what you do yourself. But these are things that unite artists. Success is diabolical; if you believe in your own success, as an artist you are "frito" [FRIED !] . One has to believe in what one is doing, whether one has or does not have success doing it. But, in July or August of 2003 already, some six or seven months before the show at Vina, I communicated that I was going to retire from the group. But I made that decision internally almost at the beginning [of the crisis], when Horacio Salinas walked out, in a form very unpleasant and abrupt following a quarrel. Jose [Seves] had left before, and had returned to the group, and then it was his turn to leave again. And I continued [with the Coulon brothers] out of inertia, and the necessity not to add to the carnage, because it would have been very unpleasant if all three of us had broken away at once. Perhaps it would have been better to have one big break-up with the three of us, because Horacio, Jose, and I, equally all three of us wanted to go on playing in some other way together; but we never spoke of it, the three of us, amongst each other at the time, but these things were in our souls.

And in reality what I wanted was to get out. In reality I was dissatisfied, not because the "muchachos" in "Inti Illimani Nuevo" were bad musicians or anything, since technically they all function well; but because "no me calentaba" [they left me cold, I did not warm to the new ensemble]. I give you an example: playing our song "Campanitas Mis Llamitas," we went to play it one time, but it was like mixing oil with water. There was no emotional rapport. Something happened and it didn't function, then from that point of view I did not enjoy it. Not at all. And so that is what made me decide, "I am not going to continue, because this leaves me cold" [no me calienta].