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Posted By: Joe Offer
02-Nov-15 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: Info on Roly Salley/Killing the Blues
Subject: RE: Info on Roly Salley/Killing the Blues
And for the record, here are the lyrics:

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Posted By: Res
23-Aug-99 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mornin' Blues (I woke up early with
Subject: Lyr Add: KILLING THE BLUES (Roly Salley)


Leaves were falling, just like embers, colors red and gold
They set us on fire burning just like moonbeams in our eyes

Somebody said they saw me
Swinging the world by the tail
Bouncing over a white cloud
Killing the blues
Now I am guilty of something
I hope you never do
Because there is nothing any sadder
Than losing yourself in love.

And then you've asked me just to leave you
To set out on my own and get what I needed
You want me to find what I've already had.

Chorus: X2

The chord progression is: E Esus4 E Esus4 E E7 Asus2, E E sus4 B7 E A

Sorry about the formatting.

Try here: Http://

Probably easier to read than above. Just scroll down to Shawn Colvin #1 Killing The Blues.

Hope this helps. Res