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Posted By: Paul Burke
05-Nov-15 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rewilding psychogeography.
Subject: RE: BS: Rewilding psychogeography.
"Gypsia meaning to spring into life..". where did you get that from? Leodan, springen, wridian, alan, there were lots of words for growth, but that's not one of them according to the Old English Translator (I'm not claiming any scholarship other than theirs). I'd guess that the last part of the word is 'ea' or 'eg' with a Swedish G, water, You'd need an early form of it to make any sensible comment though.

I'm torn between enjoying the sense of deep history and the potential to mythologise it or even make it a shibboleth. I doubt if those rural contemporaries of Joseph Arch who didn't have the choice of village or city would have felt that the harmony of the countryside was trying to include them. Most poets of that era were of that comfortable class that has the choice of when they get up in the morning.