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Posted By: Bill Day
13-Nov-96 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords ADD: San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)^^^
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: SAN ANTONIO ROSE (Bob Wills)
San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills
       Bb        Bb7          Eb   C7
Deep within my heart lies a melody,
F7 F+ Bb
A song of old San An - tone.
Bb7 Eb C7
Where in dreams I live with a memory,
F7 Bb
Beneath the stars all alone.
Bb7Eb C7
It was there I found beside the Alamo
F7 Bb
Enchantment strange as the blue up above.
Bb7 Eb C7
A moonlit path only she would know,
F7 Bb
Still hears my broken song of love.
F Fdim C7 F C7 Abm C9
Moon in all your splendor, know only my heart
C Abm C9 F
Call back my Rose, Rose of San Antone.
Fdim F C7 F C C9
Lips so sweet and tender, like petals falling apart.
C Abm C9 F F7
Speak once a - gain of my love, my own.
Bb Bb7 Eb C7 F7 F+ Bb
Broken song, empty words I know still live in my heart all a - lone
Bb Bb7 Eb C7 F7 Bb

All I did was go to the Alta Vista search engine and type "San Antonio Rose" found this page on Western Swing: