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Posted By: Stanron
13-Nov-15 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: Is Streets Of London truly Pachelbels Canon???
Subject: RE: Is Streets Of London truly Pachelbels Canon???
One of the reasons the chord sequence is successful and used so often in different ways is that it is based on a formula. Fifths and seconds.

C to G is a fifth, G to Am is a second, Am to Em is a fifth and Em to F is a second. F to C is a fifth and C to D is a second. After that the pattern breaks to achieve resolution.

The human ear is so attuned to music that this kind of pattern is recognised even though most people could not define the pattern. Another example of a dual interval pattern is Hotel California. That is fifths and thirds.

Am to E is a fifth, E to G is a third, G to D is a fifth and D to F is a third, and so on until the pattern breaks for resolution (usually in bar eight).

The use of patterns in chords can be reflected in melody. Pachelbel is better at this than McTell but McTell was definitely better with words.

With a bit of experimentation you can make up your own chord sequences using interval patterns, there's no guarantee they will be original.