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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
13-Nov-15 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
Subject: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
We've had a good response on the contents of the BBC radio for schools thread on Singing Together
I thought it may be time to extend it by listing the contents of the "Time and Tune" booklets. The period for which they are published matches or overlaps the publication of Singing Together, so presumably they are intended for a slightly different audience (age group)
As with Singing Together, my collection is only partial, and I'm still working on it.
The listings below are deliberately kept short to allow for inclusion of the contents of any I don't have.

The occasional one or two songs I am happy to transcribe if needed, or to send a scan (much more up to date)
If anyone does request a scan (and understands ABC) a suitable quid pro quo might be for them then to transcribe it . . .

In the lists I have only included that part of the contents which could be considered 'songs' (okay, open for discussion). I have ignored the sections just teaching rhythm or scales, also any lyrics with no attached tune (or tune with no attached lyrics)

The list of songs is faithfully reproduced, and there are many songs repeated in different books (listed each time) in fact, Autumn '67 repeats the contents of Autumn '64 (even the cover pictures are the same)
Some songs come under more than one title ("The courtship" / "The deaf woman's courtship") and in some cases, the words vary between two versions from the same publisher!

With those caveats here goes.